Growing as a Writer


What Writing Gives Us

Every piece of writing, whether it is good or bad, teaches me how to become a better writer. Throughout the past semester in my Careers in Writing course at Kennesaw State University, I have created more content for my website with a focus on my personal and professional identity. Throughout the course, I have been able to explore my strengths and weaknesses in writing and I have been able to emerge at the end with a few articles that showcase my creativity and research skills.

My Writing: Creative and Professional

At the beginning of the class, we started exploring our professional identity. We created an About Me page as well as our elevator pitch. These articles are the basis of my professional identity as a creative mind and a writer and they were the jumping off point for the rest of my articles showcased on my website.

I pride myself in my creative and adventurous spirit and that is why this class was amazing as we were able to write critical articles about subjects that we had a genuine interest in. My article Chai Yo: A Night of Thai expressed my love of food and exploration of Atlanta. It was also a review of a restaurant which I had never written before, which helped broaden my writing portfolio. I also got to take a closer look at a restaurant I have been to many times and be more appreciative of the overall experience. “It was interesting going to Chai Yo, with the express purpose of paying close attention to all of the details that make eating there a pleasant and exceptional experience. I was more aware of the deliberate construction of the restaurant’s atmosphere as well as appreciated the more minute details of the food and beverages.”

My article Halloween is Coming had a similar effect of showing off my personal interest in the spooky and fun while also giving a writing sample of my research skills.”Halloween is by far my favorite time of the year. It is in the perfect season, Fall, where the weather is pleasant and the trees are different hues of orange and red. It has been my favorite holiday since I was young and I have grown to love it even more with each passing year. It is a time where people get to be versions of themselves they would like to be.” By writing this article I was able to express my love for the holiday but also dive into the history, economic impact, and fun Halloween activities all in one. It was a great exercise in compiling information as well as learning even more about my favorite holiday.

What I Gained from this Experience

Overall after emerging from this class, I have a better understanding of myself as a writer. I am creative, spooky, and adventurous and I try to portray that in my writing. I can be professional and have many skills like being able to create an organized website, fiction writing, poetry writing, research, and analytical writing, while still maintaining my unique voice and style. I still stand by what I wrote on the first day of class on my About Me page:

“Literature has often been the one place of solace in my life. Through books, I was able to drown my sorrows and worries, but it was also through the written word that I was able to turn my inner issues into a productive form of communication. The paper and pen are the most powerful tools in my possession and it is for all of these reasons that I decided to pursue a life devoted to English.”

There is much to be learned from one’s own self through the writing process. It is a self-reflective and cathartic process that should be enjoyed. It can also be a process that can be tedious, hard, gritty, and sometimes mind destryoing. Writing can be anything and it is just what we as people make of it. I choose to approach all of my writing with some sort of positive light and even if it is a difficult piece to write at the end of the day I know that I take something away from each piece that I create. This portfolio has shown me how I have grown as a writer and a person. It is something that is very special for me as it has helped organized and made sense of much of the work that I have done in the past few years as a student and in my own personal life.

I am looking forward to continuing to write and build my writing portfolio on my website. Each piece gains me a new experience and boosts my confidence in this field.